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Since 2000, I’ve been devoted to the B&B, providing to my guests, coming from all over the world, an unforgettable place which is a starting point to visit Florence. My guest-house is just a few steps away from the wonderful city centre but, at the same time, plunged into the peace and quiet of one of the most beautiful residential neighbourhoods. Surrounded by the elegance and refinement of the rooms of this upscale apartment house built at the beginning of the 20th century, it is possible to walk to the most famous monuments in the hearth of the city or reach panoramic viewpoints using the local means of transport, whose stops are just close by.

I do everything I can to make my guest feel a real welcomed-guest in my B&B and not an ordinary customer. At home, I care for even the tiniest detail, from the precious and distinguish furniture of the rooms, all overlooking an interior garden, to the breakfast menu (our breakfast is obviously included in the price). I add to the menu home-baked cakes what meet the desires of everybody, including those in favour of vegetarian or vegan diets.

Kindness and naturalness, authenticity and willingness, this is my motto, my business card, as well as my desire to guide my guests into a unique experience, typical of Florence, made of uncommon and breath-taking glimpses, tiny hidden pearls at the centre of this world-wide known city.

I always recommend trails to visit the most beautiful spots of Florence and the nearby, restaurants, inns, osterie where you can enjoy our food, or bars and venues with live music to have an appetiser or spend a night, I also give you tips on how you can easily going through the city, what you can do or see, in other terms, how to enjoy every detail of this city.

Florence offers to the visitors countless of monuments and places you can’t miss, from the well-known Ponte Vecchio to the striking Duomo with its cupola realised by Brunelleschi or the Baptistery, just in front of the Duomo, or the Palazzo Vecchio, the Uffizi Gallery or the Galleria dell’Accademia. You can also pop by the Boboli Gardens and relax on its lawns and then move to discover other pearls of infrequent beauty, such as Palazzo Pitti, villa Bardini or Palazzo Strozzi. You will certainly visit the museums, and I’m ready to give you tips about the opening times, the exhibitions and how to get tickets.

Florence is an exciting city and, as mistress of the house, I love providing to my guests a stay made of unique experiences that they will tell, share and repeat. Experiences that imprint in the hearths of the guests, as well as all my guests will be always part of me.