Florence is just a click away

Posted on Jun 20, 2014

Florence is just a click away

Among the countless activities and views Florence can offer to its tourists, here you have one that will make extremely happy those keen on photography: enchanting glimpses and breath-taking views that you can capture from every angle, to bring home a real postcard that will be always there, engraved in your memory.

Colours and feelings that evolve thousands of times during the day; you can enjoy yourself capturing these glimpses at dawn or at the sunset, catching all the extraordinary shades they can offer.

Florence (or, actually, the whole Tuscany) is always extremely photogenic.

The first place to take wonderful pics is probably the best-known area of Florence, also known as “terrace on Florence”: Piazzale Michelangelo. From here, with wide-angle lenses, you will capture in just one picture the infinite view you are enjoying.

Even if you aren’t an expert photographer, you will take outstanding pictures with the light shade you prefer during the day, but you will definitely be surprised at the sunset or at night, when Florence wears its “most beautiful dress”.


Another extremely interesting place for your pictures is the hill of Fiesole, in front of Piazzale Michelangelo.

Slightly tiring to reach, because of the ups and downs, but definitely wonderful, in particular from the viewpoint which overlooks the main square.

Since it’s not really close to the town centre, it won’t be possible sometimes to enjoy a clear view; therefore, be careful with the light exposition and choose clear winter days to reach the hill of Fiesole, if you can.

The third place we recommend is the top of Giotto’s bell-towerThe efforts to climb the 414 steps are rewarded once you look out of the bulwark (surrounded by a protective net which slightly dims the magic of the pictures, but is essential to guarantee the safety for the tourists).

You can again “capture” your own postcards (booking ahead of time), walking along the well-known Vasari Corridor, the great architectural work that connects Palazzo Vecchio to Palazzo Pitti, crossing the Arno river. You will enjoy Florence from lots of peculiar and striking angles.